July 8, 2016


Effi-Process® is a scalable product that assists with energy use and management.


Water, gas, fuel and electricity: The Effi-Process® system encompasses all energy-hungry items, to optimise the management of the site and make significant energy savings.

The Effi-Process solution makes it possible to achieve cost reductions up to 25%, indeed more under certain conditions.
Energy costs will increase significantly in the next few years.

The Grenelle II environmental regulation requires:

      – An inventory of energy consumption sites
      – Identification of energy-hungry posts
    – The proposal of a corrective action plan

The priority today is to encourage a rational use of energy and to reduce the energy consumption of your facilities.

Effi-Process® makes it possible to understand, analyse and optimise energy flows according to your needs and your choices, with a single type of box.

The combination of Effi-Process® with Effi-Save® enables cost reductions of up to 40%.