KFC Restaurant Laxou

KFC restaurants are involved in and committed to environmental protection and sustainable development.

“Environmental protection is a major issue in the twenty-first century and it is everyone’s responsibility to act accordingly. For us, acting means being aware of the impact of our restaurant business and implementing solutions intended to keep it to a minimum. Acting also means innovating to improve the environment in which our employees and partners work”. www.kfcsengage.fr

At the beginning of 2016, EffiEnergy installed an Effi-Save® voltage regulation system in the KFC restaurant in Nancy Laxou in Meurthe-et-Moselle.

The Effi-Save® 400-A (amperes) system is the perfect fit for its needs. Since its installation, the restaurant has saved 10% on the cost of its electricity consumption but it will also cut back on its CO2 emissions by 4,654 kg per year.

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