December 20, 2022


The Effi-Save® solution is based on an extremely precise normative framework. IEC 60038 states that energy suppliers can deliver current with a voltage of +/- 10% of the 230V rated voltage. The supplier has the ability to deliver current with a voltage between 253V and 207V.

All receivers are designed to operate within this standard without loss of performance.

Effi-Save® voltage regulation

How does Effi-Save® voltage regulation work?

Energy savings through Voltage Management are based on simple electrical principles.

Energy efficiency by regulating and lowering the voltage acts on the consumptions that govern the law of consumptions at constant impedance:

Where does Effi-Save® settle?

Simple, comprehensive, proven and easy-to-implement technology.

The advantages of the Effi-Save® solution

  • Manage voltage
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce maintenance and recycling costs
  • Extending the life of installations
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

Environment friendly

The installation we propose makes it possible to sustainably reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

EffiEnergy® contributes to meeting your environmental and regulatory obligations for decarbonization.

We tell each customer how much CO2 they achieve over the lifetime of our systems.

The Effi-Save® solution finds its application in all areas of activity and meets the financial and environmental demands of companies, institutions, administrations…