July 8, 2016


Our experience in companies shows that there are significant potential deposits to be exploited

Testimonials from our clients

Logo Pierre Fabre

Vincent Huraux – Pierre Fabre

The Soual plant has installed an Effi-Save® voltage regulator on one of its transformers.

The 1st results are very encouraging since the savings made represent more than 7% of the energy consumed by the largest transformer on the site (20% of the total).

Logo Unisto

André Goby – Unisto

The main objective of voltage regulation is to reduce the consumption of electrical energy and therefore its cost.

I was able to see a significant and sustainable saving for equal production without having changed my process. The stabilization of the electrical voltage level has allowed the service life of the installations to be extended. An integrated bypass ensures network continuity.

In conclusion, I have reduced my electrical energy consumption by 15% and saved on electrical maintenance costs.

Logo KFC

David Elafri – KFC

In May 2016, we installed a 400-A (amperes) Effi-Save® regulator in our restaurants. Since then, we’ve noted a 10% drop in electricity consumption, the initial voltage of 238 volts was lowered and set to 217 volts. We know that our maintenance costs will eventually come down and the lifespan of our installations will increase. As we are seriously committed to sustainable development and environmental protection, our Effi-Save® will help to reduce CO2 emissions by 4,654 kg per year.

Logo Intermarché

Christophe Goldstein – Intermarché

I chose EffiEnergy for its seriousness and professionalism. What motivated me was the diagnosis, with a commitment to results.” (…)

The significant gains are the announced gains: 11% announced, 12.14% energy savings. (…)

From this store we have chained 3 with always the same quality, with always the same seriousness, always the same professionalism, factual elements always verified.

Logo Rivetoile

Julien Keller – Rivetoile

The shopping centre of approximately 38,000 m² was equipped with the Effi-Save® solution at the beginning of 2022 following a diagnosis 3 months earlier.

The estimated savings of 7.8% at the time of the diagnosis were exceeded and amount to 8.6% after installation.