July 8, 2016



You are able to save energy

effienergy économie d'energie

Whatever the sector of business, industry, trade, GMS, service, public service infrastructure, sporting complexes… effienergy® guarantees significant energy savings upon deployment.


Cold logistics center
– Regulation of voltage over the entire electrical system, including the IT system, the ventilation, air conditioning and cooling system
11,6 % reduction in lighting costs.

Food supermarkets
– Use of Effi-Save® for the electrical system
– Equipment, including refrigeration
12 % reduction in electrical power costs

Plastic convertors + Assembly and completion
– Overall plant regulation
Reduction in energy costs : 12,5 %

Offices, administrative building and Customer Center
– The installed system regulates voltage in the building as a whole, including network technology and data security
– The ventilation of buildings and lighting are also taken into account
Reduction in costs around 8 %.

Sports centers
– Regulation of lighting and ventilation
17 % reduction